Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So it's been a while...

Ok, it's been a while since I have documented my homemade things. I have kept busy, but have not posted. Here is what I've been up to lately:

These are my homemade Cloth Diapers. A diaper, the waterproof covers, and the 2 stacks of diapers... one for Phoebe, one for Zenna. The total was 16 diapers for Phoebe, 12 diapers for Abigail, 5 waterproof covers for each, and 4 overnight soakers for each. That was 8 yards of fabric, 500 yards of thread, and hours upon hours of sewing. A lot of love went into those diapers!

Here is my new pleasure. Whole wheat that works! I took a whole wheat class from a woman in our ward who owned a Bosch store. I can finally make 100% whole wheat bread that is light and yummy! These cinnamon rolls are whole wheat as well, and delectable! Of course, they were even more delectable with cream cheese frosting, which perhaps cancels out all the good I did in making them whole wheat...
This is our monster potato/tomato garden. The plants are huge! We have plenty of both for this year. Next year I'd like to plant enough to preserve and store.
These are our raspberries. Being picked over by Zenna. I didn't get any raspberries for jam this year. The girls kept our patch picked clean!
This is our homegrown lavender chopped up to make into an eczema salve for Zenna. It works pretty well and keeping the inflamation down. And how cool to make medicine from the plants in my front yard!

These are the summer outfits I made for the girls. They loved them!

So, that is my home made list for now. I will post more soon! Have a bunch of projects in the works! :)


  1. very nice! you are very creative!!! would you mind sharing the recipe for the exzema salve you make for zenna? my kids both have some and i love lavendar in my garden, maybe i can work something out next year. ;)

  2. Wow I am so inspired by your diapers. I've been wanting to sew some but I haven't got the courage yet. Where did you get your PUL? What pattern did you use? Any tips or suggestions?